Property Investment Seminars


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First Home Owners Seminar

With all the recent changes, it’s hard to know when is your best time to buy. Contact one of our Investment Specialists today to find out when our next First Home Owners seminar is being held. Or talk to someone for FREE one on one advise. Call Property Pathways NOW!

Investors Seminar

If you’re not sure if property investing is right for you, then come along to one of our FREE investment seminars. Learn about Positive and Negative gearing, Land Tax, Depreciation, Conveyancing, Property Management and much more. Contact Property Pathways and walk along the pathway to property with us.

Property in Self Managed Super Funds Seminar

Is your retirement going to be enough? Use gearing and get a loan and you can buy a property with your Superannuation. Find out how much difference it really makes to your fund in 10 and 20 years. Attend one of Property Pathways Self Managed Super Fund seminars and find out about the tax advantages for investing in Super. Call us now to find out when and where our next seminar is being held or contact one of our staff for a FREE one on one consultation.

Developing, Sub Dividing, Strata, Renovating

Are you at the next level of investing and want to grow your property portfolio sooner. Attend one of our network meetings and learn from real people. Contact Property Pathways now.

Asset Protection Seminar

Are your assets set up as safe as you would like? Find out what the experts know about Asset Protection by attending one of our Asset Protection Seminars. You don’t want to leave it until it’s too late.

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