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For expert mortgage advice contact one of our qualified team at Property Pathways Finance for no obligations mortgage assistance. They can show you the best way to start or improve your own property portfolio using amazing tax effective strategies. It’s imperative to ensure that everything is set up profitably to best suit your situation and it often takes an expert to show you how. It’s hard to find the time and often harder to learn everything you need to in order to make a decision that affects your finances. If you find that it just doesn’t make sense and don’t have the time to learn it all yourself then why not give us a call. Talk to a mortgage specialist who can make it all seem simple and you’ll not only save time but money too. Learn about the advantages of using an offset account or line of credit or even setting up a trust for invaluable Asset Protection. Property Pathways Finance can even assist you if you’re interested in purchasing a property with finance through your superannuation. We can even help to ensure your SMSF is set up correctly for this type of lending.

We have a team of brokers and a qualified financial planner who are dedicated to putting you on the right path to property. Learn from people who have their own successful property portfolios who practice what they preach.

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With over 25 lenders on our panel, including all the major lending institutions and banks, you can get advice on various different loans and products all at the one time. Don’t miss out on the great discounts available, and the potential savings from a correctly structured loan.

Residential Loans, Investment Loans, Commercial Loans, Development Loans,
Refinancing, New Mortgage, First Home Buyer, Current and new Investors,
Debt Consolidation, Line of Credit, Offset Facilities, Trust Lending,
Credit Impaired Loans, Self Employed Loans, No Deposit Loans etc.

You won’t know what you don’t know unless you talk to an expert, and what you don’t know could cost you money and time. This amazing service comes with no obligations as the banks pay us to assist you.

Contact us to make an appointment at a time and place convenient for you, or attend one of our free property seminars at our head office in Revesby

  • First Home Owners Seminar
  • Asset Protection & Trust Seminar
  • Building & Structuring a Property Portfolio Seminar- Positive & Negative Gearing Seminar
  • Tax Effective Property Strategies Seminar
  • Buying & Developing Property in your Self Managed Super Fund Seminar
  • Developments and Tax Seminar- Mortgage Shredding Seminar

Property Pathways Training also host training sessions for agents which include professional development, compliance updates, the attainment of CPD points and more. These seminars are a great way to refresh your skills and to do some important networking. Property Pathways also offer courses for successful trainee agents who wish to attain full licenses or certificates of registration and can offer free training for people wanting to get a start within the industry. Contact us now!

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